Fundamentals in Imaging: MSK From Head to Toe (Full day refresher course in conjunction with the 54th IDKD)


23. März 2024

Davos Congress Centre in Davos-Platz und online von 09:30 bis 17:00 UhrLink zum ProgrammLink zur Anmeldungin Kalender übernehmen


Stiftung zur Förderung der Ausbildung in medizinischer Radiologie
Course Management

Wissenschaftliche Leitung:
Prof. R.A. Kubik, Prof. J. Hodler, Prof. J.E. Roos

Anmeldung / Organisation

Stiftung zur Förderung der Ausbildung in medizinischer Radiologie
Course Management
Hertistrasse 26
CH-8304 Wallisellen

Kontakt: Maria Tsiplakova Vögeli
Telefon: 0041 43 534 0909
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Davos Congress Centre
Talstrasse 49A
CH-727 Davos-Platz und online
Muskuloskelettale Radiologie, Onkologische Bildgebung, MRT, CT, Radiographie, PET, Sonographie, Hybridbildgebung (PET-MR, PET-CT)
Fachärzt:innen, Ärzt:innen in Weiterbildung (AiW), MTR
Weitere Infos
The course will take place in Davos and online. The course consists of four lecture blocks, dedicated to imaging of the shoulder, hand, wrist and elbow, hip, knee, and spine. Each lecture block starts with a clinician’s point of view. The course fee includes access to a carefully selected case library containing over 100 teaching cases with highlights from the last years of IDKD and online access to the IDKD Book. Test your skills for before an upcoming Board examination or upgrade your knowledge by solving cases provided by world renowned radiologists.

Course Objectives:
1. provide an overview of the most essential diagnostic imaging findings in all body areas ("From Head to Toe")
2. provide a review and a refresher for the residents, especially in preparation for their Board examination
3. offer the participants information on the state-of-the-art findings in diagnostic imaging to update their knowledge


Regular Early (until Jan. 31, 2024)

CHF 350.-

Resident Early (until Jan. 31, 2024)

CHF 290.-

Regular Standard (Feb. 1 - Mar. 17, 2024)

CHF 370.-

Resident Standard (Feb. 1 - Mar. 17, 2024)

CHF 310.-

Regular Onsite (from Mar. 18, 2024)

CHF 390.-

Resident Onsite (from Mar. 18, 2024)

CHF 330.-

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